Don’t miss the upcoming Hot Stocks panel on YouTube – July 8, 2:00 PM ET

Our Hot Stocks panel,  Steve Chappell, Glenn Tompkins, Patrick France and Jim Penna will present 10 Hot Stocks that are poised for explosive gains.

Picking breakout or explosive stocks is one of the most favored trading methods for those stock traders looking for bigger returns. Our expert stock-picking panel, made up of our Senior Investing Instructors, are screening the database for candidates that have the best characteristics to trade. These stocks are great for momentum traders, who want stocks that have a higher probability of making a big move in a short period of time. Our Hot Stocks Panel know exactly what technical and fundamental analysis is needed to find these trending stocks. All you need to do is watch us live and add these stocks to your watchlist so you don’t miss the exact point to make your move. Skip the research and save time. You’ll get all the information and more on 10 explosive hot stocks but as always, don’t jump the gun! Be sure to wait for a proper buy trigger before buying these swing trade set ups. Most importantly, plan your trade and trade your plan!