Hot Stocks are a hot topic that we discuss every month here at VectorVest! Hot Stocks are stocks to pay attention to and even invest in. We comprise a panel of educators to talk about stocks to possibly take a look at.

October’s panel will be particularly interesting. We know there is an election coming up so we will look at stocks to trade during an election cycle. You may ask, “What kind of stocks are those?” Our panel will not only present stocks, but we will also walk you through the backgrounds of the company and get into the entry and exit points. We would like to personally invite you to our next monthly panel entitled, “7 Hot Stocks to trade this Election Cycle.” Please join us and two of my esteemed colleagues, Steve Chappell and our Managing Director of the EU, Susan Hayes Culleton, on YouTube Live Stream Wednesday, October 7th at 2 PM eastern. Our subscribers look forward to these events and have made some really good gains on many of the picks. These panels are extremely informative and most of all….. Fun!!!!! If you are new to the market or a seasoned trader, you won’t want to miss this panel!!!! Look forward to seeing you there!

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