For over 28 years VectorVest has proclaimed that it is “America’s Fastest, Smartest, Easiest Stock Analysis and Portfolio Management System.” We believe this is true to this day. So why isn’t everyone who subscribes to VectorVest filthy rich?

I’ve met a lot of subscribers who have been very successful with VectorVest and, of course, I’ve met my share of subscribers who have failed to make money with VectorVest. When I talk to successful subscribers, it becomes clear that they have bought into the VectorVest system and they put the time and effort into developing a trading plan they are comfortable with. Most importantly, they execute their plan.

When I talk to subscribers who have had trouble making money with VectorVest, I find that many of them are well meaning. They attend our seminars and workshops, learn what to do, but have difficulty managing their portfolios. The two biggest stumbling blocks are time and emotions. They don’t pay enough attention to their portfolio, deviate from their trading plan and become discouraged. They need and want help. We try to help them as much as we can, but we are not money managers. So we came up with another solution: The VectorVest RoboTrader.

The VectorVest RoboTrader is a magnificent tool. It solves the biggest problem most of us have in making money in the market: Executing our trading plan without letting emotions cloud our judgement. RoboTrader implements our plans and tracks our portfolio(s) every minute of every day. It sends alerts to us when something should be done. Once we give it the go ahead, it will execute the trade quickly, with no second guesses. It’s A Great Executioner.