In this episode of #FantasticFemaleFridays, I spoke about “How to Talk to Your Partner About Money”. The reason that I picked this particular theme is that I noticed two statistics from a survey done by Ameriprise

  1. Approximately 31% of all couples clash over their finances at least once a month.


  1. 73% of individuals have money management styles that are different from their partner’s


Therefore, during the hour-long episode, I propose that you take time out to spend with your partner, focusing on your money goals and….


– Be aware that a lot of assumptions are brought to the table and it’s important to be tolerant of that.

– See this as a way to build your relationship.

– Talk through scenarios – fear of success as well as fear of failure

– Learn a lot about each other by talking about your goals.

– Hold each other accountable


It’s so important that you take time out with your partner and give your finances some thought. There are an array of subjects that merit your consideration including:


  • How much debt do we have and what is our strategy to pay it off?
  • How much do we want to save for retirement and how do we want to invest for retirement?
  • What type of financial legacy do we want to leave and how do we structure it?
  • What investment asset classes do we want to pursue and why?
  • What stocks or funds might we want to buy and why?
  • How quickly can we afford to pay off our mortgage and what do we sacrifice to get there?
  • What are our priority budget items?
  • How can we organize our finances and stay on top of them?
  • What is our attitude towards risk and what can we put in place to support that?
  • What is our credit health and how do we improve that?


Finally, when it comes to practical matters, here are some thoughts:


  1. Get a Trello board to have everything in one place <>
  2. Buy a nice notebook to write down your goals
  3. Use VectorVest and a Google Sheet to document your reasons for taking certain actions


(For example, you can use the “Note” functionality in “Graphs” to journal why you’re taking a certain position or how you feel about a particular stock.)


  1. Have all of your usernames and passwords on hand to retrieve what you need
  2. Take time weekly to reflect on your finances
  3. Take “Occasion”al time (and that’s not a typo!!) to talk to your partner about your finances.
  4. Celebrate your success


-Susan Hayes-Culleton


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