The February update to VectorVest is now available! You will be automatically prompted to install the update in the next few days upon logging in to the VectorVest program.

ProfitLocker is a brand-new, intelligent stop that locks in profits by adjusting itself to the action of the price and the inputs you select. Set the Target % to reflect your profit objective. Set the Stop % to reflect your maximum risk.

To learn more about the ProfitLocker, check out tonight’s (2/10/2017) Strategy of the Week video.

Other Changes

  • Fixed app crash while using RoboTrader.
  • Top Stocks gadget layout changed, RT and VST are now at the far right of the grid.
  • Portfolio Add Dividend control no longer allows future transactions.
  • Recommendation Alerts from RoboTrader now have the correct alert header.
  • Prebuilt trading systems are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Fixed issue in Backtester when attempting to short a stock that you just sold.
  • Fixed QuickStart videos in VectorVest 7 Europe.

If you experience any issues updating, you can re-download the installation files here:

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