Anyone can buy a stock, but buying the right stock, at the right time, without the right information is incredibly difficult. Successful investors know that the best opportunities exist when the market is rising and are on the ready to seek out stocks with superior fundamentals and technical patterns.

Although the S&P 500 is up nearly 20% year-to-date, there has been quite a bit of volatility along the way. It’s our goal to help you navigate the short-term headwinds to find the long-term winners, no matter what type of investor you are. That’s why our expert stock analysts are doing the heavy lifting for you and presenting their top Stocks to Buy in October. Join us live on YouTube and you’ll learn the best stocks to buy now and the crucial guidelines on what to look for.

What: Hot Stocks to Buy in October

When: October 9, 2:00 PM ET



Stock Picking Panel includes Glenn Tompkins, Steve Chappell, Todd Shaffer and Patrick France.