No one becomes a savvy investor overnight. The best investors do their due diligence by researching and selecting the best stocks for their portfolio and recognize that with every investment comes some risk with reward. Retail investors are often saddled with researching stocks from a variety of sources and hours of technical analysis to find stocks with the best fundamentals.

I want to share a true story with you, a story that I am almost certain you will relate to. After a recent seminar, George, a new subscriber, asked to speak to me. He was armed with a pile of paperwork and a frustrated expression that I’ve seen far too many times on the face of DIY investors. A genuine look of “Help Me! There has got to be a better way!”

George told me that he spends hours finding the best fundamentally sound stocks he could. He poured over earnings reports, forecasts, financial statements, metrics, ratios, indicators, graphs and pundit opinions. He was noticeably frustrated; his head was literally about to split with all the numbers swirling in his brain. He mentioned he spent even more time creating and analyzing spreadsheets with all the data he collected.

The payoff for all of George’s efforts was a list of 8 stocks. 8 stocks that he thought were safe choices for his retirement portfolio. A list he seemed satisfied with; all things considered. He showed me his list of stocks and asked, “How can VectorVest help me find high growth stocks like these, suitable for my retirement portfolio?”

I was eager to show him how easy it could be. I opened VectorVest 7 and clicked on the UniSearch tab. I opened the Ruler Stocks search, clicked “Run Search,” and BAM!, within a few seconds, the search returned every one of George’s Stocks in the results. What’s more, 6 of the 8 stocks George found were in the top 10 results, and the other two were ranked 10 and 11.

At that moment, I heard a very audible groan from George. A groan of exasperation. He simply said, “Wow.” I think he was truly lost for words. Perhaps some disbelief. That’s when I jumped in and said, “this pre-built Ruler Stock search is based on a stock having a Relative Safety (RS) rating of at least 1.40 (which is excellent) on a scale of 0.00-2.00.” I explained that this is one of the most valuable VectorVest indicators for a retirement-minded investor.

George’s frustration quickly vanished. He realized he could spend more time out on the golf course and not buried in spreadsheets. He can now find safe, high-growth ruler stocks in less than 10 minutes. Relative Safety (RS) is a key factor in analyzing consistent, predictable financial performance. We can all be like George and reduce our frustration and emotions by investing in stocks that have the earnings fuel that helps minimize the risk to our capital.

There’s a reason why some investment advice is timeless – because it works.

Interested in learning more about High Growth Ruler Stocks? Watch this video: