Stocks falling imageYesterday, while the market was tanking, I was doing a group coaching session via webcast with our clients and here are some of the actual questions I pulled right from the chat box:

  • Is there any hope left?
  • I’m in panic mode. Should I be selling everything? I have no stops. Everyone has been advising me to hang tough but this seems like armageddon, dot com, 9/11, etc.
  • If we are down say 20%, should we just exit the market now?
  • Already hold stocks. Should they be sold and wait for market to come up, or keep holding?
  • A number of my stocks are down… I am afraid if I sell (some good stocks), that the stocks will rebound. Should I hang in?

Others wanted to get ready for the next upturn, so they asked:

  • How do we know if it is safe to resume shorting this market?
  • Is it time to buy stocks with good fundamentals?
  • Do you believe that soon we may have a strong buying opportunity and a strong finish the remainder of the year?  How will we be informed?
  • Should we look at the hardest-hit sectors for bargain hunting yet?
  • When do we go bottom-fishing?

Are you in the same boat?

If so, I put together a short video for you which answers these questions.

Click here to watch the video now.

If you don’t have the right information, times like these in the market can be tough (emotionally and financially). This video will help you.