I’m at the World MoneyShow in Orlando, FL and it was good to see so many old friends again. Thank you all for coming to see us.

Our booth has been busy and my presentation on the Sure-Fire Success Wizard was well attended. Best of all, I spoke to several customers who have made double digit gains in the last six months and are delighted with the Sure-Fire Success Trading Systems. They also love our 100% Money Back SFS Performance Guarantee.

Of course, some subscribers who came to our booth didn’t have a clue on how to make money with VectorVest. These folks never took the time to watch the Getting Started videos or bothered to call Product Support for assistance. Steve Chappell and Dan Misch are doing a wonderful job of showing them how to analyze their stocks, build WatchLists and manage their portfolios. I’ve always said that you can’t begin to appreciate the power of VectorVest until you have a WatchList of your stocks.

Dan and Steve are also doing a great job of explaining what our Sure-Fire Success Trading Systems are all about. Even so, a lot of questions have been asked on how to implement a SFS Trading System. My advice is always the same: Start small and go slow. Pick a trading system that you like and paper trade or manage a small portfolio with it.

I would pick my trading system by checking the performance of the various RTC Model Portfolios. The three portfolios using the S&P500 Stop Asc search are all making money so far this year. The RTC – S&P500 Stop Asc/Ballistic New Highs Short portfolio is making the most money this year and has the best long-term performance record. So it would be the one I’d pick.

All the details of managing this trading system are given on pages 24 and 25 of the Sure-Fire Success Users Guide. You may access the SFS Users Guide by clicking on the “Read the Users Guide” link located in the lower right hand corner of the Welcome Page.

Several subscribers also asked about the Chairman’s Choice Model Portfolio. I suggested that they watch last week’s “Strategy of the Week” presentation. Mr. Jerry D’Ambrosio did a terrific job of creating and demonstrating an RT Kicker Combo Trading System called, W-0-W Winners(Price/RT)/Buying Contra ETFs, which should serve them well. But that’s not good enough…They want a Chairman’s Choice portfolio and they want it now. So a new Model Portfolio called, “2013 RTC – Chairman’s Choice,” will appear in tonight’s Portfolios section. A link to all the BackTester settings is available in the Strategy section of last week’s Views. So that’s My MoneyShow Report.