VectorVest RealTime Derby’s New Features Help Short-Term Traders Maximize Profits

November 18, 2013 12:17 PM Eastern Standard Time

RealTime Derby Horse HeadVectorVest announced today the release of its enhanced RealTime Derby, which clearly identifies the best stocks and strategies for short-term traders to maximize trading profits. RealTime Derby leverages VectorVest’s deep analytic and historical performance data to quickly find the stocks and strategies that best compete to lead the real time market trend.

VectorVest’s RealTime Derby now includes new Buy and Hold, Vary the Start Date, and Sliding Window features in addition to its Day Trading analysis mode, which employs a user-specified number of days to calculate daily cumulative performance of more than 180 stock scans.

The Day Trading feature auto-generates portfolios of top ten stock picks for each search, and there is a comprehensive grouping of performance indicators to rank the results: These include cumulative daily gain for all days, as well as percentages of winning days, winning trades for all days and the current day, gain/loss for the current day, average daily gain for the period, and maximum drawdown. There is also a master indicator that combines these percentage measures to rate overall efficacy.

The new Buy and Hold feature analyzes a single basket of stocks’ percentage change from start to end date over any period in the last three months. Vary the Start Date analyzes the robustness of each scan by testing portfolios beginning each day in the selected date range, then ranking the results so that searches with the most consistent performance in the date range are identified. Lastly, the new Sliding Window provides an at-a-glance graphic to gauge robustness by using a series of buy and hold periods within the specified date range. Within the range, traders can select the number of holding days that will remain constant for each portfolio of stocks. Scans with the highest number of winning portfolios, regardless of new start and end dates, offer the most reliable future prospects for traders.

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