Make Your Dreams Come True

Trading as a Business graphicVectorVest is pleased to announce the release of Trading as a Business, a three-day course for serious investors. This course is designed to provide the information, knowledge and plan you need to put yourself in control of your future.

The first day begins with helping you recognize the time and commitment needed to successfully trade as a business. It is made clear that trading as a business is not a hobby and you must have an intense desire to succeed in order to succeed. With this in mind, the course moves on to helping you establish a realistic business vision with achievable goals and objectives. The course goes on to identifying the resources you will need to run your business and the corporate structure you may have to minimize taxes.

With these matters in place, the course proceeds to relating your business to the VectorVest system of stock analysis and portfolio management. Market Timing is explained in detail and special attention is given to assessing your risk tolerance and investment style to assure appropriate stock selection and strategy implementation.

The second day begins with an introduction to a trading system design. Subsequently, each critical step of research, development, testing, evaluation, implementation and monitoring is explained and demonstrated.

The third day is devoted to allowing you to design a trading system of your own. Instructors will be present to assist you. By the end of the course, you will be prepared to Make Your Dreams Come True.