Both the markets and investors have been badly scorched by the rapid spread of the coronavirus.  On March 12, the US stock market plunged to its worst day since the 1987 crash. If you are a VectorVest subscriber or a regular viewer of Glenn Tompkin’s YouTube Series, Trending Thursday, then you know we first alerted investors to the developing downtrend in the market as early as January 17, by signaling an overbought market and to “keep an eye on MTI.”

Since the market plunge, Glenn has been following the news surrounding companies that stand to benefit from COVID-19  in the near term. Companies that protect consumers from infection, develops testing or creates vaccines are ones that are making the biggest headlines. Investors are looking to this WatchList for buying opportunities when the time is right. Watch the video to see the entire WatchList. You can then build your own WatchList with the stocks that Glenn is following.

Glenn’s Coronvirus WatchList contains pharmaceutical and bio-science stocks such as Moderna (MRNA), whose shares shot up when the company announced that their vaccines could start clinical trials  as early as April. Aytu Bioscience (AYTU), Moleculin Biotech Inc (MBRX) and Soligenix (SNGX) are not only making the news but also look like promising trades.

To see the entire WatchList of coronavirus stocks, watch the video and at the 8:17 mark, pause to take a screenshot of the WatchList. Take any stock and get your free stock analysis  delivered right to your inbox.

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