VectorVest Stock Advisory app for Android

Coming soon to the Google Play store:

VectorVest Stock Advisory and Portfolio Management App! Re-designed with the features investors need to analyze stocks, manage their portfolios and time the market for optimal profits.

Now it’s even easier to start improving your returns anytime, anyplace and anywhere. There are plenty of trading apps on the market, but nothing gives novice & pro traders the clear direction needed to make better investing decisions – all from your smartphone or tablet.

The Stock Advisory app for Android has plenty of features for evaluating stocks and tracking your investments, but the real benefit is the proprietary intra-day market timing signals.  Right on the home screen, the Market Timing Gauge displays the status of the VectorVest Color Guard which displays the direction and strength of the market daily.

Your broker may take days to get you Buy, Sell & Hold recommendations on your stocks. VectorVest gives you a detailed stock analysis instantly and automatically ranks your stocks by Value, Safety and Timing or VST, the combination of all three.  You can track more than one portfolio and multiple watchlists, global indices and futures. This is an app that investors truly won’t be able to live without.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the many features, a few require additional purchase if you aren’t a current VectorVest Subscriber:

  • Support for 8 market regions, including United States, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • Award-winning, unlimited stock analysis
  • Build up to 10 Watchlists to track, analyze and rank your stocks
  • Get proven stock ideas with VectorVest’s Premium Watchlists. Over a dozen hand-picked, top-performing stock lists, complete with streaming updates
  • The Market Timing Gauge – It’s not just what you buy, it’s when you buy
  • Market Guidance – this is truly what sets VectorVest apart from the rest. Our market experts provide you with clear, unbiased advice on how to invest smarter
  • Dynamic graphs with technical indicators. Here, you can access gorgeous graphs that show the true performance of the share

“When Can I Get the All-New Android App?”

The app is currently with our Beta Testers, but we are in the final days of testing. That means you’re next!

We’ll be rolling the app out live in the next couple of weeks! Stay tuned and we’ll announce the official release date soon!

The app will be available FREE for all current VectorVest 7 subscribers.

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