The Sure-Fire Success Wizard is a tool that makes it easier than ever to make money with VectorVest. It is being sent to you this week and is located on the new Welcome page so you won’t miss it. If you haven’t received it yet, click on the following link:

The SFS Wizard Performs Several Critical Functions:
First, it tracks the market in conjunction with the Color Guard and tells you whether to be Bullish, Bearish or Neutral. A Bullish signal is given when it detects a Green light in the Price column of the Color Guard that is confirmed by the RT/Kicker. A Bearish signal is given when it detects a Red light in the Price column of the Color Guard that is confirmed by the RT/Kicker. And a Neutral signal is given when the light in the Price column of the Color Guard is not confirmed by the RT/Kicker, regardless of color.

Second, it presents a list of stocks for you to consider buying or selling-short according to the signal issued as described above. If the signal were Bullish, it would use the S&P500 Stop Asc search to find the stocks presented to you. This is the only Bullish search in the Wizard at the current time. More Bullish searches will be added as we go along. If the action signal were Bearish, it would use one of three Bearish searches to find the stocks to present to you. These are: Ballistic New Highs-Short, Doug’s Downers Super-Charged and Stinky Stocks to Sell Short. If the signal were Neutral, it would not present any stocks to buy or sell-short.

Third, the SFS Wizard always presents Exit Criteria which may be used in conjunction with the stocks being presented.

It is important to note that the SFS Wizard is presenting the Action Plan for managing one of three trading systems. These trading systems are RTC-S&P500 Stop Asc/Ballistic New Highs-Short, which is up 75.76% so far this year, RTC-S&P500 Stop Asc/Doug’s Downers, which is up 26.39% and RTC-S&P500 Stop Asc/Stinky Stocks to Sell Short, which is up 15.63%. They are updated in the Daily Color Guard Report, Monday through Thursday evening, and in the Timing the Market portion of the “Strategy of the Week” presentation each Friday night.

On December 31st, we will discontinue the three Sure-Fire Success portfolios currently being shown under the Portfolio Tab of the VectorVest 7 US software and add six new portfolios. Three of them will reflect the three “RTC” portfolios being shown in the Daily Color Guard Report. The other three new portfolios will show the same trading systems started as of December 31, 2012. This should make it easier for you to relate what you see in the BackTester updates to what you see in the Automated Portfolio Manager and to the Action Plan presented by the Sure-Fire Success Wizard.

P.S. You may get all the details on how the RTC – Sure-Fire Success Trading Systems were tested and their BackTester settings from the Sure-Fire Success Users Guide, pages 17 to 25. You must have the correct settings if you wish to duplicate the performance shown by VectorVest.