We’ve identified the 4 biggest investment lies. Which one is costing you money?

Big Lie #1: You can’t time the market

This is pure nonsense. The reason Wall Street continues to say this because of greed. You see, they want your money to keep coming into their coffers until you have nothing left.

Big Lie #2: You should buy stocks on the way down

Well gee, if a stock was a good buy at $50 a share, it’s bound to be a better buy at $10 a share. And when it sinks to $1, you could be very sorry you went along for the ride.

Big Lie #3: You should buy and hold

Using a buy and hold strategy in today’s volatile market can provide you just one thing: Big losses! The crash of 2008 should have taught every investor this lesson.

Big Lie #4: You can’t beat the market

Huh? Tell that to the thousands of investors who made big profits in 2019 with our top safe stock picks like Lululemon (LULU), up 52% in 2019 since our Confirmed Timing Signal on January 18, 2019. And, Fortinet (FTNT), up 51% over the same period. And, Heico Corp (HEI), up 42%. The list goes on and on.

Our investing system refutes every one of these Wall Street Lies.

✅ We employ market timing signals that never fail, including the crashes of 2000 and 2008—and the market rally of 2009. The flash crash of 2010 and the September correction of 2014 – and the October rally that followed. The post-election rally of 2016-2017 and the two largest daily DOW point losses in history of February 2018.

✅ We buy stocks on the way up

✅ We hold Stocks until they start heading south

✅ We beat the market by using a proven system that hasn’t failed to signal a major market turn in more than 19 years

We teach that the best way to make money in any market condition is to buy low and sell high. The difference lies with the proven market timing system that gets you into the market when prices are low and out of the market when prices are high.

The point I am making here is that there is a better way for you to become a more successful investor. It starts with debunking the lies of Wall Street and opening your mind to learning a proven system that works for all types of investors. If you’ve fallen for any of Wall Street’s 4 Biggest Lies, it’s not too late to reverse the losses and start seeing big profits in any market condition.